Chapter 24 Scripting with Kotlin

Click the Refactor button to finish renaming the file. Next, you’ll need to manually clear the context of the script by going to Tools > Tasks and Contexts > Clear Context.

This doesn’t seem to be an option on my Intellij IDEA?

Hi @220284hk,
Thanks for the message! Can you share what version of the book you’re working from?

This is the 3rd edition.

In case you were asking about my IntellijJ IDEA version it’s 2021.2 (Community Edition)

Looks like this got moved in the 2021 edition to something with a similar but not identical name - Tools > Tasks & Contexts > Clear Context.

Screen Shot 2021-10-08 at 9.36.07 PM

Mine doesn’t look like that!

Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 16.15.07

Hi all,
Screen Shot 2022-02-12 at 3.09.40 AM

Where do I input a string to stop ‘No str to rotate given’ from being printed?

Hi! It looks like you’ve commented out line 51, which has the argument prefix that you would need, and replaced the value with the one on line 50, which I’m guessing is the actual value you’re trying to pass in.

What that means is that valueFromArgsPrefix is looking for something with an argument mM rather than rotate=, which is what it should be looking for. Because it’s looking for something that isn’t there, it won’t find it and will come out null.

If you comment line 50 out and line 51 back in, that should fix it.

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