Chapter 22 - Xcode 12 doesn't have Tabbed App template

I’m just starting MyLocations in iOS Apprentice 8.3.0 using Xcode 12. As I set up the project, there is no Tabbed App template. Could you provide instructions on how to set up the project for the tabbed requirements?

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Needed to delete empty view controller. Then add new tab bar controller.

I will add more to this as I move forward.

I’ve noticed on Xcode 12.0 that the tabbed app template is no longer in the menu options as well. I wish they left it since it seems like extra work to delete the view controller then add a tab bar controller. Thanks for posting an update on here @steveb_la!


Update to this post. You need to update the Class on Tag Scene to CurrentLocationViewController before connecting the fields to the IBOutlets.

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