Chapter 20 Errata? public class OcculusGazeInputModule : MonoBehaviour {

I believe there is an error on page 547, version 1.2 The text says:
"public class OcculusGazeInputModule : MonoBehaviour {

but this is the HTC Vive section, so I imagine it should say something about the Vive. Looking in the final scripts section, I think this line should be:

public class ViveControllerLookModule : PointerInputModule {

I have spent many hours going through this book. It was my first real introduction to Unity. The book has been tremendously helpful. At last I am almost at the final chapter. Thanks for all the hard work creating it, and now keeping it up to date.

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Thanks for pointing that out! I’ll take a look and see what happened there.
I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the book! :grin: