Chapter 2 - Source Code Issue

I was getting the following error when running the app from Chapter 2, and the segmented control at the top never appears:

“2018-05-01 13:13:20.494226-0400 Bow Ties[84148:5370854] [Graphics] UIColor created with component values far outside the expected range. Set a breakpoint on UIColorBreakForOutOfRangeColorComponents to debug. This message will only be logged once.”

The error is happening when the fetch request is made:

let results = try managedContext.fetch(request)

I was getting the issue while following along with the book, but I tried the final version of the app and I still get the same error. This is on Xcode Version 9.3 (9E145)

Update: the segmented control is there, it’s just not visible as-is. Probably something changed in Xcode / iOS since the last book update. I changed the background color of the seg

mented control and attached a screenshot

Thank you for the update - really glad you actually sorted it out after all! :]

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