Chapter 2 Returning JSON error Issue

I was trying to run the ‘Returning JSON’ exercise in Chapter 2, and in my code and GitHub materials I get the same response to the POST call.

  "error": true,
  "reason": "Value of type 'CodingKeys' required for key ''."

It is sort of frustrating getting an error so early in the book, because I was hoping this book to be an introduction to the whole server-side world, which is not my strong point.

Any ideas what is going on?

Thanks in advance.


I had similar issue - check if enctype is set correctly in POST.

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Is this working? Can you show a screenshot of the setup for Rested?

Could not find RESTed app on Mac App Store:

Here is a success pic using VisualJSON (free on Mac App Store):



Here is a success pic using Postman…



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