Chapter 2 - local host not found

I’m not going pretty far in chapter 2 - p19. When I do “vapor run”, I have the following output :
MacBook-Pro-de-Nicolas:HelloVapor nicolasduparc$ vapor run
Running HelloVapor …
[ INFO ] Migrating ‘sqlite’ database (MigrateCommand.swift:20)
[ INFO ] Preparing migration ‘Todo’ (Migrations.swift:109)
[ INFO ] Migrations complete (MigrateCommand.swift:24)
Running default command: .build/debug/Run serve
Server starting on http://localhost:8080

Then when I go on http://localhost:8080/, it says “Not found”. Any idea ?

@nidupb it will be because you haven’t got a route registered to the / path. If you got to http://localhost:8080/hello you should see something!

Oh, right, did not open my eyes… Thanks !