Chapter 19 iOS simulator issues

I’m new in Flutter. I have a conflict about iOS simulation (not real device) when i debug the chapter 19 project. I have a cocoapods problem (pod system) which facing with firestore exactly. In this chapter especially when i download library to the pubspec.yaml (firebase libra); i faced Xcode “pod install error” while i debug the chapter 19 project. I try to pod install in Xcode side but problem is not solved. So i couldn’t find any solution that regularly work yet. Maybe I missed some parts. Thanks in advance.

By the way the book is helpful to understand what especially Flutter is. I will often turn back to the book. Thanks.

I’ve found that in ios if things get really messy, you can run a flutter clean. Then build the ios in Android Studio or Visual Code (not Xcode)

Thank you for answer but i did it before and faced with this screen in “vscode”. This process working an hour.


We had this too when writing the book. Let it run and it will eventually finish.

If you are curious this is the issue [Update] Cloud Firestore Xcode Build Times · Issue #2751 · firebase/flutterfire · GitHub

Thank you for your help, i hope this firebase library building situation will fixed soon :slight_smile: