Chapter 18: Arguments Passed On Launch

In Chapter 18, I added the Arguments Passed On Launch in the Xcode scheme editor.

And when I run the project, the output prints ‘Successfully reverted all migrations.’ There are no discernible error messages, either.

But the last line in the log is:

Program ended with exist code: 0

And the database is inaccessible via RESTed or Safari.

When I uncheck the passed arguments in the schema editor and run, the last line of the log is:

Server starting on http://localhost:8080

Is this the correct behavior? Should I be checking and unchecking the arguments passed every time I need to revert?

Or should I just be able to leave them checked every time?


@bg1 yeah each time you want to revert you’ll need to enable the arguments. The reason is because if you pass your Vapor app a command it will execute that and exit rather than starting the server. Another option is to reset the Docker container, which I use all the time