Chapter 17 ThreadRecorderView issue


I encountered a bug in “Chapter 17 : Schedulers”.

The ThreadRecorderView is not displayed as shown in the book, I can only see the title but not the rows that are supposed to appear under it (I checked that Editor>LiveView). It is not working in the whole chapter, challenge included.

I tried to test it in the Started & Final and got the same results.

Xcode is 12.4 (12D4e)
The book is Combine_Asynchronous_Programming_with_Swift_v1.0.3

Hope this helps !

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Had the same issue.
Just set some height and width for VStack (i.e. 400x400) of ThreadRecorderView. And probably you will also need to set font size for Text in RecorderDataView as it is initially too big to fit the frame.