Chapter 17 Detail Activity: Adding Image Fun to Bookmark Class

P326 The book states ‘Open the Bookmark class in the model package and add the following code as the body of the class: …’

A clearer instruction would be '…after the current end/closing bracket of the class definition, as the new body of the class, as in …
var phone: String = “”
// add Image new code here
… fun setImage…

In fact, this also applies to P329 Loading images on-demand, the new code should be AFTER the closing bracket of the BookmarkMarkerView class definition.

This avoids the initial impression of adding the new code INSIDE the brackets of the class (which causes error messages). Thanks.

@tblank Do you have any feedback about this? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

Hi @mazen_kilani,

Thank you for this suggestion. It has been noted.