Chapter 16 discussion

Once more. 16 chapter are best thing that happened to me in my life.

But while going thru it i found several things:

  1. Code on the page 235 itself is not enough to shows empty popup. It ignores both UIButton press either status bar multitap.
  2. If i add code in the ViewController.swift from the end of the chapter to the code from point 1 (page 235, which means the only one “swizzleOrigingalSelector…” method call) it becomes enough to run such overlay window on both simulator either iPad (i’m sure about an iPhone also, but didn’t check it myself).

And some additional question here, to not create another topic about same chapter:

What happened in that swift view controller code?

  1. Did i understand it right, that it’s king of imitating of the user input for the app, like selenium in the web for example?
  2. Is this the swift private API or it’s just an little known legitimate feature?
  3. How the additional subheader import change property state from RO to RW? Is it overload an UITapGestureRecognizer initializer? I mean technically, i just don’t get it.

@lolgrep Do you have any feedback regarding this? Thank you - much appreciated! :]