Chapter 13 issues

Hey folks,

I had a bunch of trouble using the Kitura CLI to generate this project (mostly related to node not recognizing a semver module so nothing to do with the book) but after updated my version of node, I got the CLI to actually run.

I had to run the CLI a few times because I wasn’t getting the prompts in the same order as the book it seemed, so I wasn’t getting the CLI to generate the API files from the fortune.json.

My issue was that on the prompts for the Kitura OpenAPI & Endpoints from a swagger file I was not first hitting the spacebar to fill the radio button before hitting return (Had I read the prompts more closely I would have saved a ton of grief for myself). And my project was not getting generated properly as a result. You also have to manually change directories & do a swift package generate-xcodeproj at the end because of the error, Swift version 4 is required for Swift Server Generator message at the end of the kitura create command.

If you do things properly the first time, this would save you a ton of trouble. Hopefully this helps someone else.

@beefycode Thank you for sharing this - much appreciated! :]