Chapter 12, Page 266 - Keyboard not displaying on iPad mini


I’m running the app and when I tap on the cell, the keyboard doesn’t display on the iPad mini. Is this a bug?



It’s not a bug because I had the Storyboard View as : iPhone 8 Plus and when I switched to View as: iPad, I noticed that the text field did not extend to the left and right margins. I ran the app again and when I tapped the text field, the keyboard displayed.


hi again,

Also I noticed that tapping on the right side, the keyboard didn’t appear. So I added constraints (4 red lines) and ticked checkbox for “Constrain to margins” and when I ran the app, I could tap on the right side of the keyboard on the iPad mini. Constraints are required for making the app universal to run on all devices.


@iosimago Glad you sorted it out. Cheers!