[Chapter 11] Weird "testAcronymsCategories" fail

Hi guys, after updating some dependencies (FluentPostgreSQL 1.0.0-rc.4.0.2) I’m getting this weird failing message on one of my tests and it is not systematic, sometimes it passes sometimes it fails (seems to always fail on linux) :

   [ ERROR ] PostgreSQLError.decode: Could not decode Int: E144CFB4-5C52-4E8F-BBDD-34F57C790193 (UUID). (Logger+LogError.swift:17)
       <unknown>:0: error: -[AppTests.AcronymTests testAcronymsCategories] : failed: caught error: The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format.
    Test Case '-[AppTests.AcronymTests testAcronymsCategories]' failed (1.080 seconds).

The test fails on this line of code :
let categories = try app.getResponse(to: "\(acronymsURI)\(acronym.id!)/categories", decodeTo: [App.Category].self)

Any idea ?
thx a lot

Yeah I’m seeing this as well, on a couple of tests. It looks like something in the latest RC is triggering random errors that make no sense!