Chapter 11 (Testing): Revert doesn't work?

When I try to follow the instructions in chapter 11, the test fails because it does not seem to know how to execute the revert command.

let revertEnvironmentArgs = ["vapor", "revert", "--all", "-y"]
var revertConfig = Config.default()
var revertServices = Services.default()
var revertEnv = Environment.testing

results in

<unknown>:0: error: -[AppTests.UserTests testUsersCanBeRetrievedFromAPI] : failed: caught error: ⚠️ [CommandError.unknownCommand: Unknown command `revert`]

Does anybody know about this?

@sjorsvb have you got this? vapor-til/configure.swift at main · raywenderlich/vapor-til · GitHub


No sorry, I missed that part, probably because I’m currently skipping the Vapor Cloud chapters. Thanks!