Chapter 11 edamam API v2 not taking from and to parameters

How do we deal with constructing the Widget _buildRecipeLoader as the edamam API v2 doesn’t take ‘from’ and ‘to’ parameters? This means my getRecipes future method built in the recipe_service.dart file only contains a String query argument, so we can’t parse currentStartPosition and currentEndPosition into our _buildRecipeLoader. What is the best way to deal with this issue so we can complete // 7 and // 8 without using currentStartPosition and currentEndPosition?

From the Edaman website:
" The way pagination works in recipe search API has changed significantly from version 1. The parameters from and to are no longer supported. Instead, responses will contain a pre-constructed URL for the next request in . If this path is not present, then this was the last page and there are no more results."

In the new edition of the book we have also tweaked a bit the way we interact with Edamam’s APIs.