Chapter 11 - _buildRecipeList uses different types of BuildContext

Hey there
in chapter 11 at the end a method called _buildRecipeList is introduced that takes a kind of custom BuildContext called ‘recipeListContext’.
This context is used only at the end of that method when returning the _buildRecipeCard method which itself takes a BuildContext parameter. In other places inside the method the ‘normal’ ‘context’ is used instead.
Can anyone please explain the differences between those two. Why do we need a ‘special’ ‘recipeListContext’ in the first place?

All of these BuildContext parameters are the same thing. I just gave them different names so that you can distinquish between them.

OK. Thanks for your reply. I am still a bit confused as of why you want to distinguish between the two parameters when they are actually the same thing. Just to be clear: recipeListContext and context point to the same object of BuildContext?

Yes, they are the same. I agree that it is a bit confusing. I will try and rename them for the next edition.

Thanks for the clarification!