Chapter 10: Confusing sections

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I’m working on a project that involves a lot of animations and I thought that this book is a good fit to learn more about animations.
Chapter 10 contains 2 very confusing sections named: “Animations vs. real content” and “Updating the layer model”. These sections are based on the fact that the username and password fields position are initially somewhere out of the visible area in the left, but this assumption is wrong and with this, things described there become a mess.
Nothing work how these sections describe it should work and it was very confusing for me and hard to understand what’s wrong.

I don’t know if this behaviour is to the fact of Core Animation framework updates, or book sections updates that affected other book sections assumptions.

I think these sections from chapter 10 should receive an upgrade, because for someone with little knowledge of Core animation framework it’s very confusing, or worse: someone can learn this the wrong way.

Thank you!

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@vladpre92 Thanks very much for your question and feedback!

We do our best to ensure that each topic covered in every chapter is accurately, and correctly explained. Was there something in particular that gave you concerns? Do you have specific code that you felt was incorrect or needed clarification?

@syedfa Thank you for your response!
Within Chapter 10, section “More elaborate layer animation”, the first task is to animate the username field. First instruction is to remove the line that moves the field out of screen bounds: -= view.bounds.width

Same for the password field. So from now on, the username / password fields will have the position from storyboard file (kind of centered).
After layer animation is implemented for both username and password fields, chapter 10 continues with section: “Animations vs. real content”.
This section is based and built on the idea that the username / password fields have the position out of screen bounds but this assumption is wrong, because of the above line removal. Because of this assumption, the section describes a behaviour for username / password fields that don’t exist and this is where confusion comes from.
So we lose continuity.
If you follow the steps from this chapter, I think you will get the same feeling, if I’m not missing anything.

Have a nice day!

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