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Hi! just started this module, but intellijIDEA won’t let me “run” the code unless I “add a configuration”, so I am kind of stuck at this point. In the previous modules it asked me about the same, I just clicked next, next and it worked perfectly.

But for this one, I started a new project given that the materials file had the messages. Can I get some help with the configuration issue? thank you.

Hey @claudiom24!

Thanks for mentioning this. The build systems and the config are always prone to errors, and it’s very specific to your ecosystem.

One idea I might have is to just try and clean the project, or use the “invalidate caches/restart” option. Or even delete the .idea folder & the .iml file from the project folder, and try to re-open it.

Let me know how things go!

Filip B.

hello! i restarted the project from the beggining and then i had no issue with the “run/debug configuration” since it autofilled with “main.kt”. Thank you very much, Filip!

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Hey @claudiom24

Awesome, glad I could help!