Ch. 8, "Persisting objects to disk"

Book author wrote: “observe how the table view instantly displays the older data while the app fetches the latest events from the web.”

I don’t see where in the code the UI table gets updated with the “events.value” contents established in viewDidLoad() before the app fetches the latest events from the web with a call to refresh(). Please explain how this happens.

I’m now thinking that reloadData() must automatically get called by UITableViewController after viewDidLoad() gets called. Is this correct?

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hi @evs718, as you already figured you don’t reload the table data explicitly - when UITableView is added on screen it queries its data source and displays its initial state. (e.g. when you don’t use RxSwift in your code you don’t need to call reloadData() initially - do you? it works the same when you’re using it with Rx)

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