Ch 2 Challenge Problem

I’m able to get the train.obj to appear properly after following along with the instructions. Yet, I find that the playground in the Challenge folder is merely the same as the one in the Starter and Final folders. I tried changing the name of the file from “train” to “mushroom” in my working playground but I get the fatal error. I looked at the .obj file in text edit but I cannot see what the problem would be.


Hi @jg764551

I just re-downloaded to check the projects - you may not be on the correct playground page?

In the challenge playground, make sure the project navigator appears on the left - that’s Cmd 0 (or use the icons at the top right of Xcode)

Select the Import Mushroom page, and your mushroom should render.


Hopefully from this you’ll be able to compare your code it its code and work out what’s wrong. If not, please ask for further help.

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Thank you Caroline. I was just opening the playground from Finder. This did work for me.