CatNap level 2 hookCat doesn't function properly

After finishing the block of code around page 294, I should be able to build and run in order to test the hook. Currently, tapping on the spring launches the cat, but the cat never hooks and the level fails. I checked the finished version from the example folders, but it has the same problem as well. I am learning physics with this book, so I am unsure where the error is, especially when the finished example game also fails.

Edit: I just saw there is a newer version of the book, 1.3, which I downloaded and ran. The CatNap level 2 hook works properly in the newer version, so I will go thru that to figure out the difference between it and the 1.2 version I was using.

Check the collision code. It most probably had something to do with the collision not being detected and thus the hook never hooking.

I’ve seen it hook once or twice, but usually I can’t get it to work, even using the final project. I’m confused.