Cannot programmatically access Inreach via bluetooth

Hi, I read your excellent tutorial “Bluetooth Tutorial for iOS: Heart Rate Monitor” and other found on the web but I could find an answer.
I would like to communicate directly with the device inReach-Mini from Garmin without using the Earthmate app.
The device is paired to my iPad and Earthmate works fine with it but when I try to programmatically communicate with the inreach, it is not seen at all. Do you know what could be the reason, is this device using other protocols? I already asked Garmin but didn’t get any answer until now.
Thank you in advance and best regards

Garmin inReach-Mini uses proprietary communication protocol over BLE. My guess is that you might be able (but not a guarantee)to discover inReach-Mini and possibly do a service discovery and pull out the characteristics.

FYI - Many Garmin avionics, some high end watch (Fenix 6) and latest inReach us a proprietary communication protocol - named Garmin Connext.

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