C++ for making ios app

Hello all,
I am an old school who started programming in 80’s doing program in C and C++. On my point of view Swfit is amazing but I would like to know if is there any way of taking the most of what I know about C and C++ for doing applications for iOS or even android. If so, could you please show me the road I should follow?

Should I use Objective C++? If I use Objective C++, am I on risk of making software that is not compatible with following versions of iOS? Do you think that Objective C++ will be to be incompatible with apple platform?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @jmgv,
A short version is that if you use Swift/Kotlin they are adapter better to work with modern frameworks, where as the power of C++ cannot be refuted but then you have to practically do everything yourself including bridging to the frameworks or libraries.

There are also fewer resources to look at if you need some quick help in comparison to if you were to use one of the newer/modern/popular languages.

I started off with Z80 assembly then moved on to C, so from a terminal 32x24 characters to the 80x24 to GUI, things have been different. However I cannot imaging writing an iOS app with any of those technologies. Using OWL, MFC, ATL were options to build windows executables, but today they are not used.

It is nice to see someone that has an interest and the skills that span decades than just years. All the best in your adventures with Mobile development.



Thanks a lot for your smart and complete answer

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