Bull's Eye App with iPhone 8 plus

Hi, I completed the entire Bull’s Eye app and the app works well in the simulator. However whenever i try to run it on my 8 plus it gives an error “error: Failed with exit code 1”. It is pretty hard for me to understand what cause the error. I am totally lost, i have unpaired and repaired the device with xcode and changed some design and coding but nothing seems like working. I would appreciate any help. Thank you

Hi @mcelebi, I’m not exactly sure how to resolve the issue but if you could post a screenshot of the error/debug screen that would be great!


I have just redone the Bulls Eye app to get myself back into IOS programming this year. Mine runs on an 8 plus with no issues. I did notice it was losing the wifi connection from Xcode to the phone occasionally. Are you trying to port it across using wifi or plugged into the USB lead?

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