Building a Museum App with ARKit 2 image recognised i play gif on top of it, After that it leads to my app UI freeze issue. i

I followed this tutorial to build AR app which recognises image and on top of it plays gif.

I’m successfully able to play gif but once if i go back to my previous screen my ios app UI freezed any help?

Here is my source code to reproduce this issue. TriassicLoupe .zip - Google Drive

You just run this project in device and scan dinosaur.png image(added ion xcode) you will get gif playing on top of it. Once if you go back to firstVC that’s all app is freezed you can’t tap on any button in First VC and also you can’t start AR scene again. I can’t figure out this issue why it’s happening after palying GIF can you pleach check and let me know.

If anything is required please let me know… Thanks in advance.

I used popular library to play gif called GIFU(details available in source code)

@iosyogi41 Do you still have issues with this?

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