Bug that does not conform to protocol

class AllListsTableViewController: UITableViewController,ListDetailViewControllerDelegate { }

feel confused for a long time , i can’t fix this bug T~T

protocol ListDetailViewControllerDelegate : class { func listDetailViewControllerDidCancel(controller:ListDetailViewController) func listDetailViewController(controller: ListDetailViewController,didFinishAddingItem checklist: Checklist) func listDetailViewController(controller: ListDetailViewController,didFinishEditingItem checklist: Checklist) }

What is the error message?

/Users/End/Desktop/Checklists/Checklists/AllListsTableViewController.swift:11:7: Type ‘AllListsTableViewController’ does not conform to protocol ‘ListDetailViewControllerDelegate’

Did you add those methods to AllListsTableViewController? Make sure they are spelled exactly the same! :wink:

Oh God, thanks , i find it :joy::grin:


I receive exactly the same error message. Can’t get my head around it, checked the code 10 times for typos.

This is the declaration in my AllListsViewController.swift file:

 class AllListsViewController: UITableViewController, ListDetailViewControllerDelegate  {

And this is the protocol section from my ListDetailViewController.swift file:

 protocol ListDetailViewControllerDelegate: class {
     func listDetailViewControllerDidCancel(
         _ controller: ListDetailViewController)
     func listDetailViewController(
         _ controller: ListDetailViewController,
         didFinishAdding checklist: Checklist)
     func listDetailViewController(
         _ controller: ListDetailViewController,
         didFinishEditing checklist: Checklist)


As far as I can tell, the code is identical to that of the PDF book, and I believe I hooked up all the screen elements correctly. What are the possible causes of this error?

Kind regards,


Solved IT! Was a typo after all in one of the functions further down in the code.