breakpointHandler(frame, bp_loc, dict) arguments set

When i’d worked with the Chapter 19 i’d wonder why there’s the breakpointHandler function have exact this arguments set?

I mean, this function calls as callback by its name as a string. The function that generates this callback due to lldb bridging documentation returns only name of the callback function. In the same documentation such class have not the follow properties, at least i didn’t found any place where this would be written.

The only place where i found such arguments set for the callback function is described the main page of the documentation in “RUNNING A PYTHON SCRIPT WHEN A BREAKPOINT GETS HIT” paragraph.

So i’m kind of confusing about this function. Where does it get such arguments set? Are they all required either some of them are optional? It this the full set of arguments or there’s some any additional optional arguments to stay hidden? From where does the values of such arguments came from?

The part of the last one question i’ve found later in the book, that the book, that the values to the callback function in case of the breakpoint get hit generates dynamically by C code. But this is still not clear for me. And the other question are still completely out of any clue. Maybe some one could explain me this points?

I had the same question(s). It would be nice if the author or someone at RW would start interacting with this Forum!

@lolgrep could you please make this point a bit clearer?