Books in epub format

I really enjoy the books created for us. My question is whether the community has decided to offer formats other than pdf. Usually when commuting I like to read on my phone (6+) which can be somewhat inconvenient when changing pages… the sizing always gets reset! I hope making it in that format is not too much overhead. It would be great if this format was made available for us.

Thank you!


I agree it would be nice to have ePub sometimes. But until then - PDF Expert is an excellent app, I use it almost exclusively for reading textbooks.

I think I’d still prefer ePub on iBooks, but thanks for the suggestion!

First off, thanks for the great content guys!! I know this is a kinda dated post… but seriously it would be nice to have books in other formats. Reading on smaller screens (like iPhone), reading tiny PDF print without being able to resize text really sucks… ePub is much more usable IMO. Please provide your books in this format soon…


I second or third this idea. I use a nice PDF reader, but could get so much better user experience from an ePub reader like iBooks. An ePub reader keeps my last read page, syncs seamlessly to all of my devices, I can zoom in/out and move to the next page without having to resize again, the list goes on.

If anyone has suggestions on how to get a PDF reader to sync between all of my devices and keep my last read page, I’m all ears…


I just noticed that if you have a PDF document open then in the “send-to” icon you will find a list of apps that can handle that PDF - and one of the options is “import to iBooks”! So try that out, that might give you the sync and last-page-state you’re after.

Hi! Thanks for the reply! I tried it out, but for some reason, iBooks doesn’t seem to sync the furthest page. I guess it will be manual sync for now.

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Hi all, I’ve discovered a reading app that will keep your last read page in a PDF and sync this last read location from device to device! It’s a bit pricey to just use this feature, but it’s also the only app I’ve found that does it. I am not sure if there is a Mac version or not, but I tested the feature last night. The app is called Voice Dream Reader.

PDF is strongly deprecated. If there is a choice of format, then why not do the book in epab?

“Deprecated” by who?