Book upgrade issue

I bought the book iOS Games by Tutorials (PDF version) a while back (great book by the way!).

I understand that there are free upgrades available for the PDF books, but I’m not being able to download the latest version of the book, only the version that was updated on 6 May 2015.

Is this correct? Thanks!!

That is the latest copy of that book.

During the iOS 9 Feast last year, the RW team announced a successor book to that book - 2D iOS & tvOS Games by Tutorials. Some of the book is very similar to iOS Games by Tutorials. Some of it is entirely new - not simply an update, but substantially new material, such as coverage of GameplayKit, which was new last year. You ought to have received an email in September/October last year, both informing you of the new book and offering a discount on it (due to the similar material). I’m sorry you found out about this so late.

I completely understand. Thanks for the prompt answer!