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Bond Tutorial: Bindings in Swift

Bond is a simple, powerful, type-safe binding framework for Swift. Learn how to use it with the popular MVVM architectural pattern in this Bond tutorial.

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Thanks for this awesome tutorial!

For anyone who wants to see the new ReactiveKit in action (the unofficial successor of SwiftBond from the same author), I took the code of this tutorial and swapped out SwiftBond in favor of ReactiveKit:

Thank you very much!

Thank you for the tutorial. Is it possible to do binding between the model and the viewModel, so that when the model changes, the viewModel and hence the view automatically update?

Thank you for this tutorial. It’s great. But obsolete a little. Bond is now backed by ReactiveKit framework. Hence there are some little differences with tutorial. Could you update this tutorial? I can not understand how to handle errors with new Bond version.

Can you please update this tutorial for swift 3.