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Black Friday Sale Coming Soon!

A Black Friday sale is coming soon to raywenderlich.com. Get your holiday wishlist ready! :]

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Awesome! Thanks for running a Black Friday sale. :smile:

Just a polite suggestion to tweak that next wording:

come back next Friday to find out what’s inside.
we’ll see you this Friday!

Oops! Good catch. Thanks, fixed! :]

Happy Black Friday!

Please consider including books in an all inclusive subscription something similar to Safaribooksonline.com.
That will help a lot of developers to become subscription members!



The link appears to be currently visible in the store - don’t think that was your intention. Nice bundle though :smiley:

I’d love to see a discount on video subscription - especially for those of us who own most of your books. :wink:

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Is there a chance the Subscription will be include in Black Friday?

Hi Mr. Ray,

I am big fan of your video collection, they cover from basic to advance.
I do subscribed for couple of months but due to busy schedule wasn’t able to maximise the benefits of it.
So un subscribed it, I too wish sale on video subscription plan’s .

You guys are doing really great stuff, keep on rolling it… Cheers :beer::beer:

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