Biometric login - mobile app

I have a question about implementing biometric login for a sensitive app (as banking app).

A user can login and enroll for biometric login so after he can simply login with his Face ID or finger print …
Everything is set normally but I have questions that I would like to have answers on :

  1. What happen of the device owner Allow another Person to add his biometric Id and enroll in the device ? Will he be able to login to the app ?
    Is there anyway two differentiate the biometric id enrolled on the device ? Is this a security weakness ?

  2. Suppose another user login to the app with his user name password and enroll for biometric …should the first app biometric enrollment be deleted ?
    What is the best option ?


I don’t have enough experience with biometrics, however I’d recommend checking out the article below:

If you still have a question, you can post directly to the author right there.

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