Big picture of table view?(iOS Apprentice 2)

I’m a newbie to iOS App development and have just completed iOS Apprentice 2(Checklist).
It was an incredibly great learning experience!
Thanks for that. :slight_smile:

So far so good, but I’m still not sure about big picture of TableView in iOS such as what events are available (eg.flying in/out) and how to handle them… In other words, the architecture of TableView.

Could anyone give me an advice if I should complete the whole tutorials from iOS Apprentice 1 to 4 BEFORE digging into such details? or is there any other learning materials that I can refer to?

Many thanks in advance for your help.:slightly_smiling:

I am not sure what you’re asking… If you know how to put cells into a table view, then you pretty much know all there is to it.

There are some additional things the user can do with a table view:

  • swipe to delete
  • swipe for additional actions (see mail)
  • sections (explained in tutorial 3)
  • an index on the side (A - Z)

And that’s pretty much it. All of this stuff is handled by the data source and delegate, just like you’ve seen already.

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Thanks for your reply!
OK, I’ll try to review every step I’ve performed to understand more deeply.
It should tell me where I am and my learning direction. :grin:


If there’s a specific issue you’re having, I’d be happy to explain a bit more.

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