Best way to approach this scene

Hi developers,

Okay, so I’m a little lost at this point and I would like to know your opinion for the best way to approach this.

I’ve made a little game, and with that game comes some achievements. I decided to make my own achievements system which works great. Any who…

In my achievements scene (a SKScene) I’ve stumbled upon a little issue. My game is in landscape mode.

What would you say is the most convenient way to do as shown on the image below?

I took a look on using scrollviews in Spritekit Scenes but it just seems a little off?

Any help is appreciated a lot!


If this is separate from the main game scene you could make another view controller in storyboard and UIKit to create this using a page view controller, or a scrollview, r possibly a collection view.

Otherwise you’ll need to build the equivalent of a scrollview from SKNodes.