Best Unity Books

Hello Everyone, I am looking for a unity book and I have 7 months of experience as a developer and I want to learn more depth knowledge. Can anyone know the top author’s name for unity book? I have checked on amazon and google but I am confused to choose the right one.

Unity has been giving away lots of FREE ebook content that can be hidden if you don’t know where or what to look for.

some of the best Unity Books are;

1: Unity From Zero to Proficiency (Foundations)
2: Developing 2D Games with Unity
3: Unity UI Cookbook
4: Learning C# from Developing Games with Unity 5.x
5: Unity 5.x By Example

You can master Unity in a week in only 7 easy steps:

1.) Start watching the unity tutorials and try working with the examples they provide.
2.) Implement their ideas into your own game and build on top of them.
3.) In about a year or two you should be very decent at making any sort of Unity game (previous c# knowledge helps immensely)
4.) Spend the next 40 years by studying theoretical physics
5.) Us the knowledge to build a time machine

6.) Travel back to 2016, a week from now. Kill and replace yourself.

7.) You have now mastered unity in under a week.

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