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Thank you Brian!!! I do believe I was able to follow you 90%, now I need to go back and review some of the issues not quite understood… and then heading over to the collection view tutorial!!!:smile:
… after I have sold my car to be able to preorder the new Xsmax…:tired_face::money_with_wings:.
Now to the serious side; I miss a persistent storage tutorial taking me all the way to commercialise an app were the user can invite others users to share the TodoList using Realm, Firebase or some other commercial servers. Again thank you for a great tutorial!

Thanks so much. I’m glad you enjoyed the tutorial. LOL regarding your car. Hey, it’s totally worth it :wink: Regarding a persistence type course, we have a general course on saving data and another course on Firebase. I believe we also have some Realm courses as well. You should be able to access all of them with your subscription.

If you need anything else, feel free to reach out to me at any time. Thanks!

thanks for the wonderful course @bdmoakley . I surely understand a ton of concepts more than i did from the previous one :slight_smile: Enjoyed the other features bit… Now on to the next!

Thanks so much. I’m glad you enjoyed the course. Thanks!

@bdmoakley - I’m an iOS sdet turn more into a straight up dev and I tell you what, this is a great course. I totally didn’t realize how much stuff that I forgot.

Quick opinion question: I’m very used to refactoring, just as you did through this whole series. How much refactoring is too much in your eyes? I still see a lot of refactoring that could happen. IE: the TodoList.addToDo() has a bunch of the same exact calls that could be moved into a helper method. Did you not do that for simplicity or did you not do that for the sake of time and/or missed it?

Thanks again! Love the tuts!!!

Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the course.

There’s a lot of discussions as to what constitutes too much refactoring. Ultimately, we want to create programs that are easy to maintain as well as adaptable to change. The danger with over refactoring - that is - layering abstraction upon abstraction is that app can become a beast when trying to update. You will essentially need to relearn the app for each change.

Ultimately, you’ll find a sweet spot but that comes with time and experience. I hope that helps!

Great course!

Quick question: I’ve been following along and there still seems to be a bug even in the starter files provided: When the user scrolls up and the items go off screen, their checked state switches to the opposite. What’s the best way to fix this bug?


This looks like a bug slipped into the project files. This will need to be corrected in the updated version of this course.

Hey @bdmoakley, thanks a lot bro… I really learnt a lot, I have couple areas I need to revise to before I move on tho

I’m glad you enjoyed the course! It’s be interesting to see what happens with TableViews with SwiftUI gaining prominence. Cheers!