Beginning Swift 3 - Part 4: Strings | Ray Wenderlich

Learn about strings in Swift 3.

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The second solution you provide - while giving the right answer is not what your are looking for from the student. You asked the students to add the “firstName” and “lastName” constants.

Your solution is : let fullName = “Brian” + " " + “Moakley”

In the solution provided added string literals - not the previously defined constants

The solution should be: let fullName = firstName + " " + lastName

nit: At 2:23 the interpolated string is presented as

Hello my name is Brian


Hello my name is Brian!

(exclamation mark missing).

At 5:33, the escape character ‘\n’ is referred to as a ‘carriage return’, when it’s actually known a ‘line feed’. The escape character for ‘carriage return’ is ‘\r’.[1]

[1]Strings and Characters — The Swift Programming Language (Swift 5.7)