Beginning RxSwift - Part 39: Conclusion | Ray Wenderlich Videos

Wrap up this course by reviewing what you learned, and get some handy resources to continue the learning on your path to Jedi mastery of RxSwift.

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Thanks for the course! spot on! very clear and helpful. Are you maybe planning course or chapters for UnitTests with Rx and maybe MVVM with Rx?

@scotteg Do you have any feedback regarding this? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

Great course, with an amazing last project using EONET API. Awesome Work Scott!

Hi @standinga, we do not currently have plans to add more chapters to this RxSwift video course, but as you probably know, this video course was based on the RxSwift book, which covers both unit testing and MVVM. Thanks!

Thanks @quentin :man_bowing:t2: As you may know, this video course was based on the RxSwift book, and @fpillet authored the chapter and source code for the EONET example.

Ok, no problem. Yeah I know the course is based on the book and I’ve seen it covers MVVM didn’t know it also covers testing. Anyway I’m getting back to your course over and over again and I’m using it as reference / rx cheat sheet both for rxswift and rxjava :slight_smile: