Beginning iOS Unit and UI Testing - Part 6: Recording | Ray Wenderlich

In this video tutorial on unit and UI testing in iOS, you’ll learn about element queries and how to use Xcode's UI recorder to help write your UI tests.

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Troubles UITesting

Hi, I appreciate your attention from beforehand, I’m having troubles trying to record a flow using the UI Test Recorder.
So when I try to select a UITextfield over a UIScrollView I got this:

Checking the tutorial you solve a situation like this on the storyboard enabling a Label on the table view but the text field is enabled already, so, how to avoid this error message?

This seems to be an Xcode bug… bummer, right?

See these StackOverflow questions with solutions that may help:

In my experience, this bug comes and goes… sometimes I can’t get around it, and other times, it doesn’t seem to happen at all… :frowning:

Good luck!

@jrg.developer did you get any solution for this issue ?

@jrg.developer Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

Unfortunately, this seems to be an Xcode bug that seems to come and go… see the stack overflow link above for some options, but none seems to be a great fix.

Hopefully, Apple gets this fixed in a future version of Xcode.