Beginning iOS Debugging - Part 10: Conclusion | Ray Wenderlich Videos

In this video, review what you've learned in this course and see where to go next.

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Hi Jerry,

Awesome course! Short and very effective, helps me to reorganize and enhance my debugging skills.

When will the intermediate course be available? Can’t wait!

By the way, I like your last name. :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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The next course should follow right after this one.


I agree. I love that it did not jump into too complicated stuff and stuck with some basic methods to get started debugging. Far too many videos and courses assume that the users knows more than he does. This was perfect. Looking forward to using this more than my usual Print statements and going forward on to the advanced series. This was easy to get through in basically a single sit down session.

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Great course. Enjoyable pace. Perfectly timed.

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