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Hi, I’m KangWeon.
I’m writing this reply because couldn’t see subscription.
I found around html elements of this tutorial, and I found track tag’s src attribute.

But, I coundn’t see subscription.

But, I could see subscription, Networking with URLSession course.

I really need subscription, please, check this.

  • platform windows 10 x64
  • browser chome version 57.0.2987.133 (64bit)

Click on the second video, there they will ask you to subscribe to watch the lesson. BTW, to build iOS apps, you need Xcode which is available only in mac.

Hi KangWeon! If you’re asking about the subtitles, which I believe you are:

There is currently a bug that’s preventing the subtitles from showing up. We’re working on a fix, and I’ll update you when when we expect the subtitles to be working again. Thanks for letting us know!

Thank your replies, @catiecatterwaul, @bradd123.
I’m waiting to know when fixed day is.

Isn’t he talking about subscription?

@bradd123 I thought so as well, until I looked at the provided screenshots. I am guessing that @klarheit was using the word “subscription” because it sounds similar to “transcription” and “subtitles”; both are words that describe the display of audio content as text.

We don’t currently offer transcripts for our courses, but we do, usually, have working subtitles!

@klarheit Please let me know if I’m wrong, and you were actually asking about a problem with your subscription! We are still working on the subtitle issue, and I will keep you updated.

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@klarheit The subtitles should be working for you now! :]

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Oh, Thanks for your message. :smile: