Beginning iOS 10 Part 1 Getting Started - Part 9: | Ray Wenderlich

The web is everywhere and your app is no exception. This video covers the process of embedding the web into your app.

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You mean well but you went overboard by adding too much fluff to what you are trying to convey. iOS tutorial not intermediate or advance. for someone that doesn’t know how to create html file you’ll lose them.

That’s a constant balance when developing courses. You’re always going to lose someone - whether the course be too advanced or too basic. The idea is to be accessible to largest audience and listen to feedback in order to dial it in.

In any case, thanks for your feedback. Cheers!

You are missing the point; you went way too far off tangent. the web view what not part of the task at hand. There should be a balance when teaching not to add too much stuff just so you don’t lose your audience

Thanks for your feedback. We’ll keep it in mind when we next work on this series.

kenny, I’m trying to figure out which parts you think are fluff. I went thru it a second time and Brian isn’t showing anything other than using a bundled html file to bypass connectivity issues, and mentioning how you’d access a true web URL with a request. I think we can assume that any developer knowns how to get a URL so this(plus the material in the challenge) seems just about right to me.Context is important, e.g. the given mime-type, html details weren’t - and I don’t think he added any.

Have you experienced the following log output when running through this course with XCode 8.3.2 for iOS 10.3.1? After adding the UIWebView in this video I’m seeing this in the log:

2017-05-08 01:41:32.638513-0500 Bullseye[1094:620229] libMobileGestalt MobileGestaltSupport.m:153: pid 1094 (Bullseye) does not have sandbox access for frZQaeyWLUvLjeuEK43hmg and IS NOT appropriately entitled
2017-05-08 01:41:32.638764-0500 Bullseye[1094:620229] libMobileGestalt MobileGestalt.c:550: no access to InverseDeviceID (see <rdar://problem/11744455>)

It’s not crashing the app and the web view loads the bundle URL just fine, however anything in the log that I didn’t put there explicitly concerns me. Just thought I’d ask if you knew. Seems to be something new going around, per the discussion on the official forums: MobileGestalt no access to InverseDeviceID

EDIT: I should add, this happens when I build the code to an actual iOS device (in this particular case an iPod Touch)

Honestly, I think there are a lot of intuitive things that you go so much in-depth on and I find it so unnecessary, and then the complex things you just brush over. Many times you just type code and just quickly go over the meaning whereas for something that’s self-explanatory you spend two or three minutes on it. I think you should re-prioritize where the time is spent explaining. That’s just my two cents