Beginning Firebase - Part 22: Conclusion | Ray Wenderlich

In this final video, you'll gain an overview of the things you learned and also be pointed on where to go next.

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Hi Brian,

Thanks for this great tutorial.
I would really appreciate if you could also show us how to use the various identity providers available for firebase.
Also the special libraries like FirebaseAuthUI is very interesting because it saves you a lot of work implementing this login stuff.

Hopefully you will bring this up in a next tutorial.

Kind Regards,

Jan Boersma

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Hello Brian,

This course is great.

After viewing it, we decided to leave our on-premise servers for Firebase backend.

This tutorial allowed us to save a lot of time.

King Regards,


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This was an excellent tutorial in Firebase!
It has helped me figure a thing or two out so that my project can move forward.

Thanks to you and the entire team!


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Thanks so much! I’m glad the tutorial was helpful. Cheers!

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Have any plan for an intermediate firebase course?

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@yoshiboarder Thank you for your suggestion - much appreciated! I will forward it to the video team.