Beginning Collection Views · Deleting Cells | Ray Wenderlich

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There’s a bit of a glitch in how this video was edited in the last third or so. At 8:43, your VO ends explaining we’re about to edit cellForItemAt such that it’ll use our new custom CollectionViewCell class. However, in the video, we just see the if/let for setting the label get deleted, and then your VO resumes explaining that with that change, it’s now an instance of the custom class (which it isn’t yet), and that we can set the label property direction(which we haven’t). It’s not until 9:06 that we see in the video that we add the casting as CollectionViewCell and set the label text, however at this point in your VO you’re now discussing adding the isEditing property.

I think the screen capture “pause” just needs to be shifted forward so that rather than stopping after deleting the if/let, it stops after we see cell.titleLabel.text = collectionData[indexPath.row].


Ah - thanks for the heads up. Every so often, we get an editing glitch. I’ll let our editing know.

can you explain why you put ! after all the @IBOutlet declaration? Because they can still actually be nil in runtime?

@quangvh IBOutlets are implicitly unwrapped optionals. They are nil before their views load and hold values as long as the app runs.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or issues about the whole thing. Thank you!