Beginning C# - Part 23: Classes | Ray Wenderlich

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I want to start reading Unity Games by Tutorials.This C# beginners course is not complete yet.What do you recommend… start reading the book or wait for the other parts of this course?

Hi. I’m not sure how to post this as it’s own thing, hence I’m replying to this existing post. Apologies.

I just wanted to say that I followed this last tutorial (part 23 classes) and got a load of yellow alerts in the console about trying to create a Monobehaviour using the ‘new’ keyword when I ran the code. The alert was was referring to both the Minion and Class Example Scripts. I can’t see any difference between my code and yours, although I’m using Unity 2017.1.2. Any ideas on why this might be happening?

Thank you so much for the course - it’s great! I plan to do one of the game making ones next :smiley:

Would you post the code here? I’ll take a look.

Thank you for replying so swiftly. It turns out that I’m a numpty. I redid the tutorial and triple checked the code again, turns out I hadn’t deleted : Monobehaviour when setting up the class scripts. Apologies.

The course is complete now so you can go ahead with it. Thank you! :]