Beginning Auto Layout - Part 8: Section 1: Challenge: | Ray Wenderlich

Practice everything you've learned so far about stack views by implementing a complex, nested layout.

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why a,\m I pulling up those errors?

Those are actually warnings - not errors :slight_smile: But you are getting them because the project you’ve got open appears to have been created with a different version of Xcode. When Xcode versions change, you get slightly different requirements and some changes in build settings. In this particular case, you are being prompted to update your project for these changes.

You can fix one of the warnings by simply clicking on the line which says “Update to recommended setttings”. That should bring up a dialog which updates your project.

The second one about missing a 1024 x 1024 icon can be fixed by adding an image of the right size to your asset catalog, but your project would work fine even without that change. You need the icon only when you submit to Apple. It is not generally required for your app to function properly.

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I was trying to solve the nested stack view challenge. The final demo project shared with the tutorial, to my surprise does not work in landscape mode. So, I was wondering if nested stack views are sufficient to create universal layouts to work in both the orientations? Could you please help me?

@catie Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]