Beginning Auto Layout - Part 1: Introduction | Ray Wenderlich

Learn the basics of Auto Layout, get familiar with the various Xcode tools at your disposal, and see how to save yourself time and frustration with your layout tasks.

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Thank you for providing this basic information. I only wish you could have created it 2 years ago : )

Glad it was helpful!

Hello Jerry,

Is there someplace where the solutions to the “challenges” are available?



The “Download Materials” link has the document for each challenge and should have a “Challenge Finished” folder too. This folder has the project in the finished state. The document sometimes has hints or a walkthrough.

Thanks for the info Jerry!


For those of you, who are wondering why your simulators are not showing up, change your iOS Deployment Target to the lower version (from 10.1 to 10, in my case).

Project Navigator → Project → Build Settings → iOS Deployment Target

Hi Jerry, when I click on the download link all I get are pdf documents. Is there a starter project for this? -Steve

Each video has a download link with the materials for that video. This introduction only has the pdf, but the next video, Part 2, has the starter project.