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Hi, I have a small question regarding some of the comments in the starter project for this video, specifically what I have bolded below:

// When we start the augmented reality (AR) session, we need to specify
// an AR configuration to use.
// ARWorldTrackingConfiguration is the full-fidelity configuration
// that uses the rear camera and does the following:
// - Tracks the device’s position in 3D space relative to
// its starting point (x-, y-, and z-position)
// - Tracks the device’s orientation (its tilt around the x-,
// y-, and z-axes
// - Detects real-world flat surfaces
// For this app, we’re concerned only about tracking the device’s
// position and orientation (a.k.a. the “six degrees of freedom”).

Can we remove the feature to detect real world flat surfaces and run our code? I’m assuming that performance will be improved, but would be very interested in seeing if that is true :slight_smile:

Also, can we turn this feature off during a session?

Thanks! and loving the course so far!

@accordionguy Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]