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Beginning Android Development Tutorial: Introduction to Android Studio

Discover how to get started with Android Studio in this beginning Android development tutorial.

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How do I get rid of the 3 dots in the upper right corner? (Sorry I’m not familiar with the terms)

Also I think the tutorial is good (thank you!), but it should explain more about the dimens.xml and also include the imports because it gave us trouble (unless we turn on auto imports upon paste)

Are there any more (slightly advanced/in depth) tutorials?

Megha Bambra thanks for the document, very useful to start on Android development. Please keep doing this kind of document to ensure more knowledge around the web.

In the part ‘Connecting Views with Activities’ you have to add some code. I was not able to run the app after this, because the imports for the UI elements were not added. The error is ‘cannot find symbol class TextView’.
Solution: In the editor place the text cursor on a UI element (for instance ‘TextView’) and press alt-enter. The IDE will know the correct class to import.
You have to do this for TextView, Button, Imageview, YoYo and Techniques.

I’m starting to get frustrated again, i remember why i abandoned coding again when i followed the tutorial for the first time. I keep getting error for the part findViewById(R.id.toolbar) the toolbar is highlighted in red and wont let me build and run. It keeps saying can’t resolve symbol: Why is that. I followed the instruction by the letters, HELP!!!. Anyone online at this hour???

Hey did you figure it out? I’m new to Android studio also, getting confusing for me but slowly starting to catch on. Keep on truckin’.

Really liked this tutorial. Wish it went in more depth about the onCreate() method, some reason it confusing the hell out of me.

It’s really sound good.
Commonly and very usefull guidence for those who newly person comes in android market.

Thank you for sharing this.